pas·sion [paSHən] / by Ciona Rouse


1. an intense desire or enthusiasm for something



sometimes it’s the hardest word to say to yourself. it's permission—joyful, positive permission granting us the ability to do something, agreeing with the things we say, do or stand for.


so many of us live in the antonym of “yes” when it comes to the things on our hearts. we first hear no. we think of what we don’t have and how not having it will prevent our success. we think about how we haven’t tried it before. we decide there’s no way that we can be an authority or a success.

we have grown reluctant to first think yes.

but yes is the most beautiful way we can love our dreams. we have to give yes a platform in our minds and hearts above all of the other noise.

i love my yes moments! i remember a few years ago i knew something new and beautiful was about to enter my life. i didn't know what it was at the time, but i anticipated it like i was a teenager and it was my first date! i remember one day making a decision to be open to whatever it was, to be ready to receive it.

i said yes even before knowing what it was.

it turns out that right around the corner was an opportunity for me to visit the continent of Africa again and write a book about my experience there. here was something that brought me great joy (writing, traveling, sharing people's stories) brushing up against the needs of people in 6 different countries who needed their stories of resiliency in trying, and sometimes traumatic, situations. and i had already begun falling in love with it even before it happened!

i simply fell in love with my dreams. i listened to what brought me joy and believed in the possibility of something wonderful happening. i wrote a lot during that time of anticipation, practicing the craft of my dreams. and i opened my heart to all that could be. and it was truly a dream come true!

don't be afraid to listen to joy! even if we don't know where it's leading, when we feel pure joy, we can quiet ourselves and hear it whisper that we're on the path of our deep passion!


may we all be passionate about our dreams and say yes! do it.