do the crazy thing sees a world made more wonderful by people discovering their passions and living fully into their wild and crazy dreams! 

about ciona d. rouse

i'm a lover, dreamer and poet, living a wonder-filled life. i believe we all have it within us to live into our most passionate possibilities no matter how crazy they may seem.

traveling around the world writing, speaking and exploring, i encounter many people and their beautiful stories. all the while, i find inspiration in the many risk-takers and world-changers i meet, who are often terrified but do the dang thing anyway! 

i also meet too many people with dreams who become crippled by fear, the voices of others and their own inner gremlins. 

when we ignore the things on our hearts, we die inside. and as John Donne says so eloquently, "any man's death diminishes me, because I am involved in mankind." 

i'm not ok with this. 

we all have wonder within us. live it!

so i'm not the keeper of all of the answers. but i have been gifted to share my voice in hopes that you'll live a daring, risk-taking, passionate life that inspires others.


so go ahead. do the crazy thing.

a thing of wonder.